Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Embryonic Stem Cell Research Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Embryonic Stem Cell Research - Essay Example The essay "Embryonic Stem Cell Research" talks about the embryonic stem cells which have two unique properties including their ability to grow and differentiate as well as to replicate infinitely. The ability of ES cells to self-renew indefinitely is the main reason why it is used in treatments for regenerative medicine and tissue replacement after either an injury or disease. Other than its curative essence, the ES cell is beneficial in studying early developments in human as an in vitro technique in toxicology testing.Varying conviction between religion and science in regards to Human life’s inception has yielded to uncalled for controversy more so in embryonic stem cell research. Hence, prompting some contended the controversy is about annihilating human embryos for it is by far from ES cell research. Even the staunch dissenters have shown some support and approval towards other stem cells research methods like in vitro fertilization clinics and adult stem cell. Some also s ay that creating and destroying embryos for curing diseases through IVF clinics is not justifiable than the ES cell research. Modern scientific technologies have pushed beyond the domains of morality and this has led to the dilemma in the bodies governing the implementation and policymaking. This controversy reminds us of recombinant DNA and in vitro fertilization. Christianity includes various Orthodox, Catholicism, and Protestant churches which lack a unanimous definitive statement on when life begins and when an embryo becomes a person.

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